Here are a few questions I get asked regularly.

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1. Is Silence or The Cellar going to be a movie?


Unfortunately, there are no movie plans for any of my books. If there ever are I will announce as soon as I can!



2. Where can I buy your paperbacks?


Paperbacks are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Createspace and The Book Depository.



3. Are you going to continue the Silence series and what order should I read in?


No, sorry. After two books and Jasper's companion novel, I feel it's time for a break from those characters. Reading order: Silence, Broken Silence,  Players Bumps and Cocktail Sausages (companion novel), Silent Night (short Christmas story). Strongly advised to read in order to avoid spoilers.



4. How often do you publish?


I publish approximately 2-3 books per year.

5. Sequels?

Right now I have no plans for sequels to any of my existing books. I will update the website and make the necessary announcements when/if that changes - sorry!


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